Patient Stories

Patients Speak About Curawave

"I did some research online and found an alternative to surgery which I pursued and I am so glad I did. It was the easiest treatment. No downtime, no incisions, no pain and with immediate relief."

Patients speak about coping with uterine fibroids, treatment recommendations and their experience with the Curawave (MRgFUS) treatment.

Li Fang

"I couldn't image going through life without giving birth to my own kids. After one treatment, the symptoms disappeared and then something else entered my life."

Li Yang

"For years I had to tell patients with uterine fibroids that they had to go through surgery and in many cases, remove their uterus. Seeing all those sad faces still didn't prepare me for the day I would hear it myself."

Although I’m a gynecologist, my story is actually not about one of my patients. This time it’s about me. For


"I was a gym teacher so trying to function with uterine fibroids was a nightmare." Irit

Chronic pain and extensive bleeding


"I am so thrilled that I did this procedure. I didn’t see any justification for having a hysterectomy."

I knew that this treatment would be right for me.

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